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FR-1300A Slitting Machine
Product Name:FR-1300A Slitting Machine

Product No:18246-420
Model:FR-1300A Slitting Machine
Was Price:1.5Dollar/ Now Price:1.5Dollar/
Last update:2011.04.22
Manufacturer:Asia Pacific International Co., Limited

FR-1300A Slitting Machine

FR-1300A single-axis Automatic Cutting Machines
The purpose is suitable for BOPP / PVC / PE / Masking paper / imported high-grade double-sided tape / kraft tape / conductive foam rubber / Burkina Faso / industrial tape / protection film of slitting. The characteristics of a host transmission part: Taiwan AC motor with inverter as the cut roll material transmission, acceleration and deceleration stability quickly. The central control unit: Use programmable central control, coaxial can be set in a variety of sizes (up to 20 modes) and a one-time automatic conversion cutting, do unattended operation is done automatically. The operation panel parts: operating interface with Taiwan the Willen LCD touch screen 10.4-inch and the condition and operation of the various cut volume loading conditions can be set directly on the screen. Motor control system: central control system is PLC programmable controller, coaxial can be set in a variety of sizes, computer cutting automatically adjust the cutting width. . The cut volumes positioning system: Mitsubishi servo motor control, imported high-precision ball screw size positioning and use linear guideway carrying knife block smooth precise positioning action. Feed positioning system: Mitsubishi servo motor control feed can be anthropomorphic overtaken by three-stage speed into the knife volumes, improve efficiency and get the best quality.
Automatic round knife angle adjustment: Mitsubishi servo motor is calculated round knives angle to the response of different materials to do different angle change (angle adjustment range of ± 8 °) when the the poor cutting plane, can directly transform cutting angle can reduce change knife times, to avoid the trouble of manually adjusting the angle of the greatly improved production efficiency. Quick Changeover shaft device: the machine its cutting axis, there are two available, fast changing shaft, in response to demand for different materials. 9. (Optional) Built-in dual motor automatic sharpener, always maintain a sharp knife, easy to operate. 10 (optional) installed a large security guard, and greatly improve the safety performance of the operation of the machine. The width of the main technical parameters of the machine cutting accuracy of ± 0.1mm cut roll diameter 380mm cutting 1.0M 1.3M 1.6M tube the heart outside diameter of 1 "- 3" minimum Cutting width 1mm round knife diameter Φ250 Φ300Φ350 Φ450