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Standard Wax Ribbon
Product Name:Standard Wax Ribbon

Product No:213827-347
Was Price:8Dollar/ Now Price:8Dollar/
Last update:2014.01.24
Manufacturer:Asia Pacific International Co., Limited

Standard Wax Ribbon 


with excellent anti-static property and outstanding print quality,have the good print quality and the better 

label adaptability by using the high property printer and the simplified tabletop printer. The print speed can 

be up to 6 ips. It is suitable for many different types of label stocks. Premium wax has longer storage time, 

the better product stability, excellent heat resistance and abrasion, making the printer picture much more 

durable, clear and smooth.

Print material:

Recommended substrates:

Art paper, coated paper, uncoated paper, glossy & semi glossy paper, hangtag:


1.Extensive label adaptability

2.Good stability of products

3.High definition

4.Low print energy can extend the life of protect print head

5.Anti-static back coating can protect print head effectively.

Technical parameters:

Test Item Unit Test Equipment Standard

Total thickness U m Thickness Tester 7.0+0.3

Ink thickness U m Thickness Tester 2.6+0.4

Electrostatic K v Static Tester 0.06

Optical density D Transmission Type Density Spectrometer 1.3

Color density D B Reflex density spectrometer 2.6

Glossiness Gs Vancometer 51

Application field:

Price Label, Product Identification Label, Hang Tag, Packing Label, Train Tickets, Shipping & Receiving Label, Logistical Label.