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Wash Care Ribbon
Product Name:Wash Care Ribbon

Product No:213710-865
Was Price:8Dollar/ Now Price:8Dollar/
Last update:2014.01.24
Manufacturer:Asia Pacific International Co., Limited

Wash Care Ribbon  


Superior Launderability and heat resistance

Applicable to various types of labels and tags

High definition

Technical parameters:

Test Item: Unit Test equipment Standard

Total thickness: um Thickness tester 5.9+_0.2

Ink thickness um Thickness tester 1.4+_0.2

Electrostatic Kv Siatic Tester 0

Optical density D Transmission Type Density Spectrometer > =1.3

Color density DB Reflex density spectrometer >=1.8

Application Field:

Garment industry wash care label,garment material label,carpet.


The advanced a-coating technology makes the products have superior anti-static property and excellent print quality.have the good print capability and the extensive print range by using the high property printer and the simplified tabletop printer.The high quality raw materials we choose can make the printed picture have superior heat resistance,ironing resistance and launderability.

Print material:

Recommended substrates;

Nylon,terylene,polyester fiber,rayon,synthetic,fiber.