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BOPET TTR film 3.8-4.55mic
Product Name:BOPET TTR film 3.8-4.55mic

Product No:213158-210
Was Price:5Dollar/ Now Price:5Dollar/
Last update:2014.01.24
Manufacturer:Asia Pacific International Co., Limited

BOPET TTR (Thermal Transfer Ribbons) basic film series for printer ribbon

Thickness of BOPET thermal transfer film:4.4,4.5,4.55,4.6,4.8, 5.0 ,5.7, 6.0um 
width of BOPET thermal transfer basic film: 500,620,685,910,980,1010,1200,1500mm
length of BOPET thermal transfer basic film:15000,17000,20000,24000,36000.40000,44000,,55000m 
feature of BOPET thermal transfer basic film: clear/transparent 
Thermal Transfer Ribbons have stability features in shrinkage and thickness stability
,in good heat resistance,easy processing in thermal transfer
Application of BOPET thermal transfer basic film:suitable for use in bar code printers,fax machines and 
transfer ribbon. polyester film for transfer print

Some size for reference: 

1.) 4.5Mic(T) x 1010mm(W) x 40,000M(L) x 6" (tube core). 

2.) 4.5Mic(T) x 685mm (W) x 40,000 meters (L), Core : 152mm ID x 700mm L; or

3.) 4.5Mic(T) x  685mm (W) x 55,000 meters (L), Core : 152mm ID x 700mm L

Ø  Estimated 220 – 250 ton/ annum