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Product Name:4.5MIC BOPET

Product No:203315-4193
Was Price:6Dollar/ Now Price:6Dollar/
Last update:2014.01.24
Manufacturer:Asia Pacific International Co., Limited
One company  offer BOPET (polyesterthermal transfer basic film for printer ribbons products to the world market sufficiently. 


BOPET electronic thermal transfer basic film for printer ribbons    

Thickness:3-12 UM ( such as: 4.5,4.4,4.6,5.3,5.8,6.0)    Width : 500,620,685,910,1010... MM

True high technology from China mainland in BOPET plastic film and in basic film clear for wax/resin printer ribbons. The qyality relative to the length of the rolls, and we can manufacture 55,000Meters per roll and without any joints, And usually, in international market dealing practice, buyers sometimes order the sizes as follow: 










4.5Microns*length with joints

Regarding to the thickness, usually have the following thickness: 

4.5Microns, 4.55Microns, 4.4Microns, 4.6Microns, 4.8Microns, 5.3Microns, 5.7Microns


DSC06935.jpgDSC06943.jpgDSC06948.jpgHPIM0853.jpgQQ20140606170953.jpgtech data.jpg

BOPET TTR (Thermal Transfer Ribbons) basic film series for printer ribbon

BOPET TTR film (polyester film for transfer print) were basic film for BOPET Thermal Transfer color Ribbons 
Thickness of BOPET thermal transfer film:4.4,4.5,4.55,4.6,4.8,5.0,5.7,6.0um 
width of BOPET thermal transfer basic film: 500,600,910,980,1010,1200,1500mm
length of BOPET thermal transfer basic film:15000,17000,20000,24000,37000m 
feature of BOPET thermal transfer basic film: clear/transparent 
Thermal Transfer Ribbons have stability features in shrinkage and thickness stability
,in good heat resistance,easy processing in thermal transfer
Application of BOPET thermal transfer basic film:suitable for use in bar code printers,fax machines and 
transfer ribbon. polyester film for transfer print

 002 (2).jpg7.3.jpgDsc0dd0023.jpgDSC06931.jpgDSC06950.jpgDSC06959.jpg

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